At the end of this academic year, we bid farewell to our former Headteacher, Kevin McCallion.  We would like to pay tribute to him for a significant numbers of years leading our school.

Mr McCallion has been an enthusiastic and charismatic leader of our school and will be missed by students and staff.  He has provided inspirational and visionary leadership, championed reading, oracy, self-development. His headship has produced some landmark moments for Brooksbank, particularly in the arts and sport.

Aspire and Achieve

Kevin McCallion was appointed Headteacher at Brooksbank in 2011 when our school was celebrating its centenary. It was an auspicious moment to begin headship.

As Deputy Head, he had already made his mark on Brooksbank in 2008 when he commissioned our mission statement, Aspire and Achieve.

Pride and commitment

Mr McCallion has been committed to raising individual achievement and boosting Brooksbank’s stature as a school.  He will be the first to tell anyone how incredibly proud he is of Brooksbank and how he has found it an inspirational place to work.

Passion and resilience

“Always follow your passion.  Do the thing that sets you alight,” he urged our students. “It’s easy to have regrets, but if you follow your passion, your regrets will be minimised.”

Landmark moments

A champion of reading, oracy and self-development, Mr McCallion has been the architect of some notable landmark moments for our school.  He turned our dreams of an arthaus into reality in 2013.  Two years later, Mr McCallion’s vision brought art, culture and sculpture to the space in a revelatory art exhibition, The Elemental North, enabling students to connect with professional artists and London art gallery, Messum’s.

Sporting Leader

Mr McCallion was also passionate about sport.

His rugby roots nurtured a will to win at community, local and national levels and maintained Brooksbank champion status from one generation to the next.  Community cycling was another dream come true when our Hammerstones sports facilities were upgraded to include a cycle track.  The result was a next-level track in a beautiful setting.

The next chapter

We now urge our former head to keep following his passions!  We wish Mr McCallion every success in his new independent bookshop venture and admire his vision to take books to schools as the driver of a book bus.  Who knows, this new chapter could be the best one yet!

Finally, we thank Mr McCallion for the energy, passion, and commitment he has brought to our school.

We wish him every success in his future adventures as we bid him good luck and a bon voyage!