Recent research shows that many top flight business executives held positions of responsibility while they were at school.  Some had been prefects, some had been captains of sports teams, and some had been both.

This week, over twenty students from Year 10 have completed their initial training to become prefects and develop their leadership skills.  The newly-qualified prefects will take up leadership responsibilities for students in our youngest year group: Year 7.  Activities include registration duties, liaising with members of staff, checking planners, and taking an active role in events such as Sports Day, Open Evening and the Year 7 Disco.

All Year 10 students were invited to apply and rigorous recruitment programme followed involving applications, references and formal interviews.  Ms Fawcett, Brooksbank’s Student Development Co-ordinator, is confident that this top team will rise to the new challenges expected of them and become hugely successful role models for the school.  “Every student behaved extremely professionally at each stage of the process and I’m very proud of them,” she said.

Through leadership, it is hoped that prefects will get a head start in developing into independent, confident and motivated individuals, with enhanced skills of communication, team working and mentoring.  Perhaps they will become tomorrow’s business CEOs, Headteachers or Members of Parliament – who knows!